Our Mines

Sourcing From Ethical Miners

AAGEMS INTERNATIONAL sources rough gemstones from miners who are ethical and are licensed by the government.Keeping up with its high ethical standards and procedures, the company has built relationships and partnerships with ethical miners in Sri Lanka that has spanned for decades.


Rough Stones


Once a rough gem is bought, it goes through a preform process that is closely monitored by our experties. This involves a series of preforms to get the stone into shape and to get rid of inclusions. Preform involves the process of shaping and orienting the stones before faceting.


Cut & Polish

Cut and Polish

The team at the lapidary plant cut and polish rough gems. The manufacturing team converts the rough stone to a facet which fits your jewelry. Gemstones from AAGEMS INTERNATIONAL are a guarantee of the best possible shape, finest quality, and perfect cut that is completely unique.


Calibrated Gemstone

Calibrated Gemstones

AAGEMS INTERNATIONAL are known for their ability to produce high quality calibrated gems. Natural gems are complicated and come in rough crystal shapes. The team calibrate these gems by cutting them to have the highest quality and the optimum carat weight of the gems. We cut with precision to ensure that we preserve the natural characteristics of the crystal, the inclusions and phenomena to ensure that we have the most appealing gem available for you.

Calibrated gemstones have been cut to exact standard sizes that will easily fit into mounting without having to create a new mounting or customize one. You will find a wide range of finely selected gems in different types and sizes, at the best prices. We have a reputation for a high precision cut, and our calibration guarantees clarity, standard size, and color specification.